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Implement and manage 5S efficiently with our 5S App. Gain real-time insights, conduct easy checks, and perform audits effortlessly. Monitor 5S status and scores directly on the work floor.


Enhance asset management with our comprehensive online dashboard and monitoring system. Designed for administrators, maintenance engineers, and management professionals, the Conditionmeter provides valuable insights for effective decision-making.

QHSE Safety App

Ensure compliance with quality, health, safety, and environmental standards using our QHSE Safety App. Simplify reporting of preventive measures and incidents, providing management with essential tools for decision-making.


Improve team communication, data storage, and task management with QuoteManager. Centralize project information seamlessly integrating with Office 365 and Dropbox for efficient management of quotes, documents, and project statuses.

Lean applicatie

Digitize workplace processes for various purposes such as 5S management, safety incident reporting, deviation recording, idea management, and social distancing enforcement. Improve efficiency and communication with our Lean App.

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